Video for engineers, by engineers.

We are a unique team of engineers, technicians and creative filmmakers. We produce custom safety, technical training and commercial videos to communicate, educate and inspire within the industrial workplace.


Keeping their attention is half of the battle. Concise, attractive animations, beautiful footage and a well-designed story make for an effective method of communicating the dangers of the industrial workplace.

Knowledge Transfer

Humans are visual creatures. With the success of online video learning devices like Khan Academy, MOOCs, EdX, TED, and more, it’s no argument that video is a power teaching tool to utilize.

We believe that video, along with a variety of other tools, can help conquer some of the coming knowledge gap. It’s time to get started on preserving your most valuable resource – knowledge.


Stand out above the crowd with media made to make complex concepts look great. If you’re marketing and selling to other technical companies, why not use a technical content creation team, too?

Meet the All-Star Line Up

Facility Orientation


Keep your guests safe! Express the culture of your site safety requirements in a quick, beautiful video.


Visitors can view your orientation video from anywhere before they arrive on-site.

    Our proven design method for orientation videos take your industrial site to the next level.
  • You can use traditional sign-in methods alongside a video orientation
  • VIP guests can see all of the amenities of your facility without having to take a physical tour
  • Videos hosted online through our platform contains powerful viewer statistics
  • Use analytics to see which parts were skipped through or re-watched

Technical Training


True on-the-job training with mobile video.


Consistency is key. Alleviate fatigue on your trainers with video content.

      Harness the power of attention-grabber video to educate your workforce.
  • Video is proven to be more effective than slide shows, CBTs, and presentations, when training large groups of staff.
  • Animation can help viewers understand complex mechanics, chemistry, and scientific theories in record time.
  • Our team can even leave the production to your internal department, and act as consultants for methodology.

Branding Video


Our talented team of camera operators can make you shine.


Appearance on mobile devices is of upmost importance when it comes to marketing media.

    Use video to lay a foundation for your brand. Engage and persuade viewers with beautiful, easy to understand digital assets.
  • Our approach is to use beautiful footage and animation to create a harmonic, clean message that adheres to your branding style.
  • We offer 3D modeling, animation, and rendering of any product, real or currently in the design phase.
  • Our videos are optimized for web – so loading is fast and sharing is easy.
  • Use analytics to A/B test social media versions.

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