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We are a unique team of engineers, technicians, and creative filmmakers. We work with enterprise, small business, startups and non-profit organizations to produce custom and proprietary safety, technical training and commercial videos to communicate, educate and inspire. Our videos are known performers in scientific, technical, industrial and medical applications.

Video for safety training marketing social orientation instructions


Professional video production services


Field and studio recording, music and sound design.


Full service 2D and/or 3D animation

Video makes site orientation possible in less than 10 minutes.

When FMC Technologies moved into Generation Park, they approached Illuminate to build both a visitor and contractor safety orientation video without interrupting the staging for the new facility. Health, Safety and Environmental services now has reduced contractor on-boarding time, misinformation and injuries. Contractors and visitors can get a grasp of the entire site while also understanding the dangers and safety protocols, all in less than 10 minutes.

How video reduced training time for thousands of employees.

When Siemens Energy needed an across-the-board solution to train two thousand seasonal outage contractors on heavy duty bolt tensioners each year, they turned to Illuminate to create an engaging training solution. We worked with stakeholders and end-users to turn a 6-hour instructor-led training course into a 15-minute digital video which elegantly shows how bolt tensioners work, how they are dangerous, and how their experienced colleagues properly use them in the field. This required our crew to create a set and film during live working conditions, a complex task for which we were readily prepared.

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American Society of Safety Engineers called on us to create an event video.

NewSpace 2016

We worked with the Space Frontier Foundation to provide a promotional series of videos for their three-day conference.

Society of Women Engineers

As a supporter of STEM organizations, we donated a branding video to the SWE Houston Chapter.

Would you like to see more of our work? Check out our portfolio. To review selected safety and training nonproprietary works, please call (713) 955-2210

Beautiful Video

Our commitment to quality shows in our work. We will work with you to craft the most beautifully designed video for your budget.

Engaging 3D

We offer amazing 3D visuals that fit your needs. Whether it’s an animated map of your fire escape routes or a creative brand refresh, we deliver the best.