This year at NewSpace 2016, by the Space Frontier Foundation, Rafferty Jackson of sat on a panel along with:

The panel? NotSpace: Lessons Space can Learn from Other Industries. She’s worked with Beats by Dr. Dre, VF (The North Face, Vans, JanSport, Reef, Eagle Creek, lucy), UBQ, and Macromedia. If anyone can give aerospace some great perspective, its her. Here’s Rafferty’s take on our recruiting problems within the aerospace industry:

One thing to really be cognizant of is storytelling is not just to consumers to inspire, but storytelling within your company to inspire. And the fact that you guys are doing all this stuff and nobody is talking about it or if they are, they are not […] the earlier comment this morning about the arts. The fact that you don’t necessarily have artists in your business, you need that whole other side of the brain in the business to tell the story. Right? You’ve got to have that passion. That’s the only way it keeps going because the reality is, people aren’t watching NASA launches like they were when I was growing up.

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