Orientation video for made for an industrial facility.

Site orientation videos are a great way to keep your visitors, corporate guests, new employees and contractors informed and aware of the dangers at an industrial site.

This month, we helped FMC Technologies showcase and increase the safety of their new Generation Park facility. When a visitor or contractor enters the facility, they will be required to watch a ten minute contractor or visitor orientation video. This is no innovative feat, so our goal was to make something timeless, easy to watch, and engaging. We built two digital videos that are easy to update for future changes.


Right tools for the job.

We scheduled our best and most qualified crew for filming the various equipment and hazards around the site. All cast and crew came outfitted in steel-toed shoes, hard hats, vests (if required on site) and special safety glasses – some which allow for working with a camera. We chose a former safety lead from NASA Johnson Space Center who acts between contracts, as our contractor actor. The contractor actor portrays all potentially hazardous situations for contractors. It is important to use either a willing, experienced employee or a specialized actor with current OSHA and other equipment certifications.

After the videos were complete, we used secure online video hosting. This way we can store the video encrypted online. Guests can view it before they arrive on site and proprietary content remains secure. Online viewing also allows us to track viewer engagement and help FMC Technologies improve the two videos as they amass views.

We’ll be adding aerial footage once the constructed is completed at Generation Park.

As with most of our material, the video contains confidential information, so it won’t be available to view. Unless of course, you’re a guest of FMC Technologies to the new Generation Park facility.

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