Looking to improve your next safety meeting? 
Here is a list of our favorite safety videos available online. You can use them in your next meeting or they can serve as inspiration when you are producing your own. We qualify our list based on content, story/flow, picture and sound quality, and audience engagement. We update this list regularly, so check back again later for more videos.



Remember, audiovisual works are subject to copyright. You should always get permission before using someone else’s content for your presentation. These videos appear to be public use or a category of Creative Commons based on their descriptions. If you are unsure of a video’s legal use, contact the entity who posted the video or is credited in the description. If you aren’t aware of copyright, licencing, or what that means, check out this YouTube resource here or our blog posts on creative content copyrights. We are not lawyers and we do not dispense legal advice, this is merely a recommendation. 

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