Looking for video services in the Houston area? Illuminate is a full-service video studio, crafted for businesses.


Video made for Business

Increasing leads is easier with quality video. Digital video is capable of boosting SEO and conversions. Customers researching their purchases are turning to online search providers and videos for answers. Even those making purchasing decisions for B2B. Therefore when producing videos for business, return on investment should be a priority. Standing out among the competition should also be high on the list.

Great training content will help retain great employees. And in Houston, it’s easy to produce videos without incurring permit or union costs.

The point is, businesses need a lot of videos. Not every business has a media team. Even so, internal video departments can get overloaded or may not be equipped for the production at hand. Illuminate was designed to help businesses breathe better by offering affordable, high production value services in a timely manner.

Here are the categories we group commonly business videos into.

Branding | Marketing | Training

The Team

Illuminate’s team has over 10 years of experience in creative services. As a result, we offer our in-depth experience with editing, compositing, animation, color and sound. Working hard to deliver high-quality products every time. As a result, we’ve worked with companies in all industries and sectors – energy, manufacturing, safety, B2B, B2C, startups and more.

We partner with other creative teams, experts, organizations, and freelancers across the United States. This allows us to bring you the best production quality for your business, right here in the Houston area.

The Process

We’re always working to optimize how videos are made. Hence our organized methods. We provide every tool from storyboards to metrics. In addition, we strive to get the most beautiful images possible, regardless of equipment specs. We’ve even been known to build custom tools to help drive the success of the video.

The Service

You’ll know us by our excellent customer service. Not just through collaboration and communication, but by providing an excellent video product that will grow your business. Our videos are purpose-built. If you’d like to learn more about services we offer, click here.

Finally, we’re hoping to provide a fun and deeply collaborative video production service with excellent results, year after year.


Clients are partners in our business. We look forward to working with you. 

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