In response to COVID-19

Houston, Texas

We hope that you are well during this time. As we all know, things are changing every day and we are all going through this together. 

Harris County, where our offices are located, has issued a Stay Home order effective until April 30. We will continue to provide all of our regular services to local, essential businesses and non-profits. We will follow and enforce the safety guidelines for workers during this period as directed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention,

For all non-local and/or non-essential businesses, we will continue to provide the following services that can be supported from the safety of our homes – 

  • Project management
  • Concept development
  • Online consultations for digital media
  • Writing
  • Storyboards
  • Editing
  • Color grading
  • Animation
  • Sound design
  • Graphic design 

We’re announcing the recent addition of live streaming video production services. (Live streaming blurb) For more information, please visit

In the meantime, we are encouraging employees to stay home if they are sick. We’ve ceased all non-essential travel and will continue to postpone all projects requiring travel until travel restrictions are lifted and it is deemed safe to do so. We’re maintaining a clean working environment by wiping down equipment after each use, or storing equipment that cannot be cleaned in a safe environment until it’s safe to use again. We’ll provide our own clean or new PPE anytime we’re working on-site with you. 

For resources on how your business can utilize media during this time, please visit our COVID-19 digital media resources page.

If your project was affected by COVID-19 and you would like to speak with someone, please dial  (713) 955-2210 x1, we would love to help.