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5 Ways to Improve Video Testimonials in 2022

Video testimonials are a great way to quickly establish brand awareness and product or service confidence in potential clients. Arguably better than a text-based review is a person visibly and audibly defending their position on your products or services. In this post, we’ll cover five tips to help you produce new testimonials or polish your […]

The History of Photography

Camera technology has progressed leaps and bounds in the last 20 years from the dinky digital cameras of the 90s and early 2000s; now we are watching the wave of mirrorless cameras progress to incredible heights (looking at you Canon R5.) However, the development of camera and film technology didn’t happen that long ago and […]

Camera Settings: How They Work Together to Create an Image

One of the first concepts learned when diving into the world of manual photography is the relationship between the big 3 settings: aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. There are many other important settings that a camera operator should know, but these are the main 3 that will affect what kind of raw image you will […]

Video production in 2020

Video content demand continues to rise, while filming comes to a halt  According to Hubspot, no matter which generation you belong to, video is in consistent demand for business brands everywhere. On average, 54% of users prefer video content, to all other available content online. 54% of users prefer video content Meanwhile, it came as […]

Color Grading in Video

How we see The average human eye has the ability to perceive about one million unique colors and it plays a huge role in our lives and in video. To learn more about how the eye works, check out this link to the National Institute of Health. How it works Different camera brands are known for […]

In response to COVID-19

Harris County, where our offices are located, has issued a Stay Home order effective until April 30. We will continue to provide all of our regular services to local, essential businesses and non-profits. We will follow and enforce the safety guidelines for workers during this period

Welcome, Joana!

Joana Romero Media Production Specialist We’d like to welcome our newest member of team, Joana. Joana brings her education and experience in camera operation. As well as her expertise in sound and video production.