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Mudlogging: A Brand Story

The biggest small business mudlogger A great story about humble beginnings is behind the biggest small business mudlogging company on the market. Founded in Milan, France.

BTS: A sustainable future in Alaska

Taking out the trash with Backhaul Alaska This week, we are working with the Sustainable Workplace Alliance and Zender Environmental to complete a few pieces for their grant proposals. Together, they are helping the Backhaul Alaska program…

Working with a film crew at an industrial facility

A rarity in most cases, but a daily part of our lives at Illuminte: Film crews on an industrial site. Most camera operators do not also operate heavy machinery. Most directors, producers and camera units do not carry a pair of steel-toed…

See you at Safety 2017!

This year, we're attending the American Society of Safety Engineers' Safety 2017 in Denver, CO.  At booth 1088, you can visit with Christopher Grady and Rachel Bays about our new services. Around the convention center, say hi to our production…

How to produce a safety video

There are many ways to go about producing your own safety video for your team or industrial site. As with any project, you'll first want to define a few variables: Scope Budget Timeline Method Scope. A scope can be an outline of the…

FMC Technologies: A site orientation video for Generation Park

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Orientation video for made for an industrial facility. Site orientation videos are a great way to keep your visitors, corporate guests, new employees and contractors informed and aware of the dangers at an industrial site. This month, we…