See behind the scenes of our day to day operations

There’s nothing like taking a company portrait to make a new hire feel welcome! We are thrilled to have you as a part of the team, Sam!

On March 13th, 2020, we joined Rosehill Farm to find out if Undercover, Warmblood mare, had been successfully breed.

Joana Romero

Media Production Specialist

We’d like to welcome our newest member of team, Joana. Joana brings her education and experience in camera operation. As well as her expertise in sound and video production.

Today, we’re filming a demo for a Lunch & Learn at a nearby training and education center.

During a live presentation, it’s essential to get the screen of the presentation as well as the presenter. Here, we’re filming the presenter from the back of the room for the widest angle.

The audio channel feed from the presenter mic is being recorded to an audio recording device off-camera, in the server room. The microphone present on this mic will provide subtle room noise to mix into the audio feed for the final edit.

Each year, we attend a conference that helps us improve and grow our skill sets. This year, we chose SIGGRAPH. SIGGRAPH is an international community of researchers, artists, developers, filmmakers, scientists, and business professionals who share an interest in computer graphics and interactive techniques.

This annual conference invites professionals across those industries to present on topics ranging from the 3D imagery in Game of Thrones to how engineers at NASA visualize a black hole.